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  How to make 20,000 naira weekly IMPORTANT NOTE: Before you continue reading, I want you to also know that I will also show you how I personally make 20,000naira weekly with this using a very simple trick. Just check the bottom of this info after you are done reading to see how  I make 20,000naira weekly with this trick.     πŸ‘‰ Click here and scroll down to see over N250,000 from withdrawal paid to meπŸ‘ˆ _____________________________________ INTRODUCTION  #### STEP 1 WHAT IS VIRAL TREND? VIRAL TREND is a platform that promotes (adverts) brands/businesses or simply put, their ads on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. Advertisers pay for the ads they have created and the registered promoters carry out tasks and get paid 90% of what the advertisers pay per task. Big brands like Okadabooks, Project Fame, and others advertise with them to get followers and views on social media. Fashion contestants, beauty pageantry, campus ambassadors candidates, etc adve